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[ YouHodler Review, Updated For 2022 ]  We're going to take a look at and review YouHodler, a crypto-lending and interest-paying service that has been around for quite some time and is one of the more established bitcoin and cryptocurrency loan companies.

We first used them in 2019, when they had just recently expanded to include a variety of different services, including some of their own creations, which we will also have a look at in this review. Now, in the year 2022 we are continuing to explore this popular option.

One step I take before writing my own review is to search various crypto communities for mentions of the company, in order to learn about other people's experiences with the organization. Just to make sure that if I have a positive experience, it does not turn out to be a one-off occurrence. Alternatively, if I have a negative encounter with a company but others have positive things to say about them, I must be open to the idea that my negative impression is not accurate but rather an exception.

As for YouHodler, I was unable to locate any angry customers who had submitted complaints about the company. So, good first impression!

Let us now have a look at what they have to offer!

YouHodler Provides Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Loans...

YouHodler especially shines in this area for one simple reason: their loan-to-value rates are among the lowest available!

Having been really disappointed when I first ventured into the crypto loan sector, finding out that I needed to deposit a whopping $10,000 in order to receive a $5000 loan simply made the whole thing feel like it wasn't worth my time.

However, YouHodler is still offering their 90 percent Loan-to-Value loan, which has an interest rate of only 3 percent, even today!

I'm not sure how they do it, but that isn't my concern - it works, and you receive the payments nearly instantaneously.

In addition, you can use 12 other cryptocurrencies as collateral, which is impressive!

The vast majority of lenders exclusively accept bitcoin, with only a few allowing Ethereum as a secondary currency. As a result, YouHodler stands out in yet another area.

Turbocharge Loan - Instantly Multiply Your Bitcoin...

This is one of their creations, something that some savvy traders have been doing on their own for years but  may take hours to properly execute. With their "turbocharge" tool, YouHodler has shortened the process to a single click.

It works by allowing you to use your bitcoin loan to purchase additional bitcoin, such as:

Loan number one: 1 Bitcoin

Loan number two: 0.864 BTC

Loan number three: 0.746496 BTC

Loan number four: 0.644973 BTC

Loan number five:  0.557257 BTC

Now, the user who started with 1 bitcoin has suddenly gained 3.812726 bitcoins and is well-positioned to profit from a bull run. YouHodler describes how to make advantage of this tool...

"Perhaps the best part of this strategy is that it’s a moderate risk. Users can always repay the crypto loans back using the same “chain” strategy. For example, users can repay the smallest loan in the chain, get back some BTC and convert this BTC to fiat to use towards paying back the next loan in the chain. Take note that the amount taken from the 5th loan in the chain will not be enough to repay the 4th loan. The user will need to add a small amount to this in order to pay back the 4th loan (applicable for a case when the price is less than +12.7%). By repaying the chain of loans using this method, clients only need to pay the loan interest for the additional 2.812726 BTC in order to get their 1 BTC (original collateral) back."

Instead of staring at the charts and wishing you had purchased more shares the next time you sense a bull market is about to begin, consider turbocharging your existing holdings to seize the opportunity.

Earn interest on coins that you're already holding.

Simply storing your stablecoins on the platform and earning 12 % on them, as well as 7.2 % on Bitcoin, is not complicated to understand - it's a smart move.

So, if you're currently just letting the money you're HODLing sit in your wallet doing nothing, you should strongly consider earning interest on your assets and turning them into passive income streams instead.

The fact that you receive your interest earnings monthly is a significant advantage.

Our official conclusion is as follows:

YouHodler should be one of the first places you visit because they're doing so many things well!

Crypto lending platforms are no longer rare, and the option to earn interest on your coins is also now popular- but you won't find many that have terms that are as user-friendly as YouHodler.

In the end, their 'TurboCharge' feature just wins them points for having a product that is both useful and unique in the marketplace.

Our readers are given special treatment...

So, take a look at them here, and because you try them via this link, YouHodler has offered to give our readers special benefits, such as more time to pay back your loan without incurring any penalties!

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk
CryptocurrencyLoans Team | YouHodler Review