Amfeix Scam: Users Vow Revenge and Lawsuit - Plus An Amfeix Alternative That Doesn't Operate In The Shadows...

Amfeix News with update on the Amfeix scam lawsuit
I wish things were different, but it appears that Amfeix, who had years of consistent payments to its users under their belts, may have taken everyone by surprise, shut down their site and disappeared with the funds.

It began with their claim that an employee turned on them and destroyed their server data.  This was their excuse for the site initially going down, they promised a re-launch to keep users waiting and believing maybe things would eventually work out.

However, there's no excuse for it being down this long and it's safe to say their story was completely false.   

Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information beyond that.

There Are Other (and Better) Options...

A better alternative emerged at the same time; and it's non-custodial, which means they can't steal your assets even if they wanted to because you leave your funds on an exchange, they're able to trade and manage the amount you specify, and they're blocked from making withdraws. 

Every major exchange has this ability in their API settings - and don't be scared if you've never used this feature before, it's extremely simple to set up!

Most importantly - they operate in the open, with their location, and employees/founders' names available to the public.

Take a look at Ember Fund where you can earn consistent returns, but without wondering how they did it, or who runs it. None of the scam warning red flags Amfeix had. 

What's Next For Amfeix Users?

Some of their users are teaming up and are even offering $100,000 reward to track down the owners.  Once located, they say they will both file a lawsuit, and peruse criminal charges. 

To join them i'd recommend connecting with the Twitter accounts of @AMFEIXInvestor and @Amfeix.evidence

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk | Amfeix Reviewed