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The Official Amfeix Review Guide Photograph
Possibly a MUCH bigger payoff than the 'earn interest on your crypto'  programs we've featured, we're taking a quick look and review of Amfeix.

Known as a fund that 'whales' (investors with lots of crypto) like to park their coins at, the profits earned here are downright insane.

Here's how they performed last year:

Jan +29.56%
Feb +29.59%
Mar +18.02%
Apr +19.53%
May +13.73%
Jun +20.34%
Jul +10.95%
Aug +10.21%
Sep +9.80%
Oct +13.74%
Nov +8.80%
Dec +5.14%

...and this has been the normal performance now for over 3 years.

That's a total return of 189.41%!   Also worth noting, the markets were down some of those months, but members of the fund still walked away with a profit.

Can You Trust Them?

They claim to have some of the best market analyst handling the funds, but we can't prove that to be true or false. 

We can say we've found no examples of someone unable to withdraw their funds whenever they wanted.

They also have a 5 star rating on TrustPilot with 60+ reviews posted.

Photo of Amfeix Getting A Review

So, these are the factors that caught our eye.  Head on over to their site, signup for free, read more about it on their page and decide for yourself at

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk | Amfeix Reviewed

The Crypto Fund That's Doubled Their Member's Investments - Every Year For 3+ Years!

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