Crypto Loans Help Traders Get Through Crisis...

Crypto loans in coronavirus crisis
For people lucky enough to own cryptocurrency - crypto loans and their low interest rates compare to banks adds an additional way to get through the current crisis.

Friday Donald Trump finalized and signed the $2.2 trillion coronavirus economic bundle only hours after it passed a vote in the House of Representatives.

The broad act remains as the biggest crisis bill in U.S. history. It infuses a monstrous money related assistance into the economy with arrangements planned for helping American laborers, private companies and businesses currently worried about their future.

Key components of the bundle incorporate sending checks straight to people and families, a development of unemployment benefits, cash for hard-hit medical facilities and human services suppliers, help for private companies and $500 billion in loans for troubled organizations.

The enactment will speed up government installments of $1,200 to most Americans and increment jobless advantages for many individuals recently without work. Organizations of all shapes and sizes will get tax credits, loans, and tax reductions. It will send monumental billions to states and local city governments, and the country's stressed healthcare system.

Crypto Owners Have The Advantage:

Even with all that coming from the government - it may not be enough.

Or, you may not be in the United States and currently need as much help as you can get!

If that's the case, now is the time to take advantage of two factors that highlight the benefits of a crypto or bitcoin loan.

First - the low interest rates.
Typically, a small fraction in interest compare to loans from a bank.

Second - the current low price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
 Most analysis believe it's going up from here, so as your loan matures your assets will likely increase in value. This could easily cover all of your interest (something I've had happen multiple times).

Recommended Crypto Loan Providers:

If you're outside the US: YouHodler.

Inside the US: BlockFi.
Both have solid reputations, and enough past/present users saying everything went as described on their websites. 

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk
CryptocurrencyLoans Reporter
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